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Household Budgeting

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Need guidance in creating a budget for your monthly expenses?

CashCare assists in the creation of a personalised household budget. We ensure that you can manage your expenditure effectively and efficiently, and as a result, you are able to save for the things that really matter. The Financial Advisors provide you with:

  • A comprehensive budgeting tool
  • Assistance in setting up a realistic monthly budget tool that works for you and your family
  • Recommendations on how to reduce costs, and consolidate expenses or policies, to ensure that your lifestyle is highly cost-effective
  • Firm but supportive recommendations on how to stick to your budget
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Understanding your Salary

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Are you unsure of the deductions that come off your salary every month?

CashCare helps you make sense of your payslip and your taxable income. Our knowledgeable and empathetic Advisors will explain more about:

  • The deductions from your salary, and which deductions are compulsory and voluntary
  • The below Fringe Benefits, how they affect your cost to company, and how they are taxed:
    • Retirement Funds
    • Medical Aid
    • Group Risk Benefits (Life Cover, Disability Cover, Income Protection, Funeral Cover etc.)

Support With Tax

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Do you understand what tax is, and how you are taxed?

With patience and professionalism, CashCare ensures that you understand income and investment taxation. Furthermore, we ensure that should you want to complete a full financial needs analysis, or obtain a detailed financial plan, you are referred to the most reputable Certified Financial Planner available.

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Information about Trusts

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Ever wondered what a Trust is, or what it means for you to be a Trustee?

CashCare advisors can provide you with all the standard information you need to know about Trusts, including:

  • Types of Trusts
  • The advantages of using a Trust
  • Who should, and who should not use a Trust

CashCare assists with easy referrals to expert advisors who can assist you in taking the necessary steps to set up a Trust.

Will Advice

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Have you written your Will yet?

Most people realise the importance of drawing up a detailed Will, but aren’t sure exactly how the procedure works, nor how to go about it.

Our consultants will support you through this procedure, and we help you ensure that your loved ones are taken care of in the event you are no longer able to do so. Our Will Advice benefit covers information about:

  • The important things to consider when drafting a Will
  • What happens when you die without a Will and how your assets will be distributed?
  • Who can wind up your estate and the general costs involved in winding up your estate?
  • Instructions to follow when signing a Will and who will validate it
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Divorce Financial Planning

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Do you need help understanding how a divorce may affect your finances?

Our Advisors ensure that you are prepared in the unfortunate event of a divorce. We will provide you with general information around various financial issues relating to divorce, such as:

  • Types of marriage contracts and how they are affected in a divorce in terms of:
    • Splitting of assets
    • Treatment of various assets on divorce such as:
      • Retirement Funds
      • Investments
      • Property
  • Medical Aid options on divorce (and with regards to children)
  • Investment Advice for assets received in the divorce order:
    • Rebuilding your financial life after divorce
    • These clients will be referred to a Certified Financial Planner

Should you need further assistance with a divorce, you will be referred to a specialist service provider, namely: Divorce attorney, Mediator, or a Certified Advisor for further assistance.

Debt Counselling

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In debt and not sure what to do about it?

Expert Advisors provide you with the tools that you need to pave the way towards a debt-free future and secure a financially independent life. We assist with a wide range of debt-related issues, including:

  • Defaults & Adverse Listings on your credit report:
    • What is a default and what does it mean if you default?
    • How long will it reflect on your record?
    • What you can do to clear your default on your credit record?
  • Slow paying:
    • What is a slow pay on a credit report and how will it affect your credit score?
  • Judgement:
    • What is a judgement?
    • How long does a judgement stay on your credit record?
    • Under what circumstances can it be released?
  • Administration order:
    • How does it work and how does it help me?
    • When can I qualify for an administration order and how do I get one?
  • Sequestration:
    • What is sequestration?
    • Why apply for sequestration?
    • Voluntary vs Compulsory Sequestration
    • Sequestration Rehabilitation explained
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Basic Financial Planning

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Need more information about a wide range of financial concepts?

There are so many more financial issues and circumstances that you may find yourself in and that you may require advice on. While we have listed a few of these below, don’t hesitate to call in and find out more:

  • Investing for specific objectives:
    • General information on investing in different asset types (cash, bonds, equities, property, foreign investments)
    • What to expect from each of these asset classes
    • What types of investments are available to give you access to these asset classes
  • Investing for Retirement:
    • General information on the different types of investments available for retirement savings
    • Tax benefits of investing in retirement savings
  • Investing for Income:
    • How to amend your investment allocation during the retirement phase in order to preserve your capital while still ensuring enough growth for the period required
    • How to ensure your money lasts as long as you need it to
  • Understanding Aged Care:
    • Understanding the costs of aged care
    • What you should be preparing for before retirement and going in to aged care
  • Risk Planning:
    • What is risk cover and what are the types of risk cover available? Including - Life Cover, Disability Cover, and Dreaded Disease Cover
    • Having sufficient risk cover for you and your family’s needs
  • Medical Aid:
    • Where does medical aid fit in and what does it cover?
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