Q: Are my family members able to take advantage of my cashcare subscription?

A: Yes. Your spouse or partner, dependants up to the age of 21, as well as student dependants under the age of 25 will have access to the benefits that your CashCare membership affords you.

Q: Is there a limit to how often i can request financial assistance?

A: Accommodating and professional Advisors are available to assist you, telephonically, whenever you require help. These experts provide ample support, offering three calls per case. For example, if you call one of our Advisors once about your will, you will be able to benefit from their dedicated support during three telephonic consultations. If you would like to enquire about personal income, you will also enjoy three calls for this case. In addition, you can receive further access to the Financial Advisor’s wealth of financial knowledge with free email correspondence in-between your three calls per case.

Q: Who are your financial experts and how can i trust their advice?

A: CashCare seeks to provide you with access to the most professional, knowledgeable and skilled Advisors possible. All of our experts are trained professionals and have the required expertise to provide you with sound and unbiased guidance of an exceptionally high standard.

Q: How will cashcare ensure that their financial experts are equipped to provide me with effective financial support if they do not know my financial background?

A: CashCare, in partnership with Luno, provides you with a once-off credit report in order to help you better understand your financial status, credit history and credit score. Our Advisors will then have access to an overview of your credit history, and use this information to provide you with personalised financial advice.

Q: What information can i expect to find in my credit report?

A: Your credit report will provide you with an accurate overview of your credit status, which allows you to make informed decisions about your financial wellbeing, and our Financial Advisors to provide you with personalised financial advice.

Your credit report will include:

  • A personal details summary
  • Potential fraud indicators
  • Credit health score
  • Debt summary
  • Payment profile: Credit account status
  • Payment profile: National loans registration
  • Public domain records
  • Payment notification
  • Consumer information
  • Property interests
  • Principle links

For a more detailed explanation of what will be covered in each section of your credit report, visit Luno’s website at www.luno.co.za.

Q: I am nervous about disclosing my personal and financial information to cashcare. Does the service guarantee confidentiality?

A: Rest assured, your personal and financial information is safe with us. CashCare's strict security measures ensure that your data is stored on password-protected servers, further shielded from prying eyes by a firewall. We will only disclose your information to a third party with your consent, or if it is necessary to enable us to carry out our service to you. For more information about our extensive security measures, see our Privacy Policy.